Özgür Tort, Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum, Migros Group CEO

Ö. Özgür Tort joined Migros Group in 1996 at Business Development Department. He leaded the services of Project Management, International Investments Coordination and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). He worked in Russia as Chief Operations Officer of Migros’ subsidiary between 2002 and 2006. In 2006 moved back to Migrosas Chief Human Resource Officer.

Regarding his career of mastering all the dimensions of retail management, he became the Chief Executive Officer in Migros Group in 2008. Ö. Özgür Tort is a board member of the Consumer Goods Forum which is the largest retailer and brand manufacture organization in the world since 2013.  He was appointed as Vice Co-Chair in 2017 and he is Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum since 2019.

Tort is an Industrial Engineer graduated from Istanbul Technical University and he holds an MS degree specializing in Engineering Management Missouri University of Science and Technology. He is married and has a child.