Serdar Ersoy, DeFacto Chief Operations Officer


Defacto Retail is one of the largest companies in Turkish ready to wear industry. The company’s COO, Serdar Ersoy, has achieved to open more than 500 stores in 30 countries.  Along with Defacto’s homeland, Turkey, these countries are mainly based on CIS, Balkans, MENA and Pacific Ocean regions.

Serdar started his career in Arçelik, the market leader company of durable consumer goods in Turkey. He decided to pursue a career in fashion retail due to his passion for fashion

Serdar held various senior positions at leading companies in these 22 years of his career. He has been working for Defacto, since it was founded, and currently as Chief Operations Officer (COO). The company has more than 14,000 employees and 735 million USD total revenue of 2018. He is leading and managing:

– more than 500 stores globally

– a retail space of around 425,000 square meters

– 30 foreign markets through corporate and franchise channels

– stores that have 3 different interior designs developed with world-renowned design companies

As COO at Defacto, he manages business development, domestic and international operations, wholesale, franchise, global expansion, project design and operational budget. He manages all investment and operational functions under his position. He is responsible of 95% of the company total revenue and in decision making process of all potential markets for investment, as well as having analyzed 75 potential markets, more than 1600 shopping malls and street locations.

He manages a large senior team who is responsible of retail stores, franchise channels, market places, digital store processes, new market entries, construction, SWOT and PEST analysis for new expansion destinations.