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About Us

SALES NETWORK Community was established to bring together the entire sales world and the closely connected ecosystem under one roof; leading the transformation, development, and empowerment of the sales function in accordance with the changing needs of the 21st century.

Today, the community operates within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, continuing its activities under the themes of partnerships for goals, gender equality, and climate action.

SALES NETWORK is the only community that provides networking, events, and content specifically tailored to the sales world, with corporate members from every industry.

Our Ecosystem Includes:

Companies with sales functions

Senior executives responsible for sales, commercial marketing, marketing, human resources, and procurement

Companies with their own sales channels

Senior executives responsible for sales operations, trade, sourcing, retail, digital channels, and customer experience management

Companies offering products and services to the sales world

Consulting, software, equipment, training, legal, design, architecture, events, publishing, printing, promotion, finance, logistics, etc.

How We Contribute:

  • Strengthening the ecosystem through SALES NETWORK SUMMIT, Contact Day, workshops and our digital platform Digital Sales Network (DSN).
  • Providing a benchmark environment through digital/physical events of Leaders Club where decision-makers come together.
  • Working on increasing the participation of women and youth in the sales world through WOMEN in SALES NETWORK & YOUTH in SALES NETWORK, thereby enhancing the qualified workforce pool.
  • Creating joint projects in climate and environmental issues through SUSTAINABILITY in SALES NETWORK.
  • Recognizing successful sales projects with Best of Sales Awards (BoSA) and highlighting contributors to the sales ecosystem with Leadership in Sales Awards (LiSA).
  • Supporting university students and female sales professionals through the Mentoring Program.
  • Contributing to equal opportunities in education under the " Companionship on the Journey” initiative (Companionship on the road) by Darüşşafaka Society with the support of our leaders.

Feel free to contact us to design a better world together.

Join Our Community!

If you have any of the topics of diversity, youth, digitalization and sustainability in your agenda, we invite you to join us.

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