We provide a Benchmark, Update, Network, Development (B.U.N.D.) environment through physical and digital events where decision-makers come together.


We support each other by sharing best practices.


We follow trends and draw inspiration from the best names in our field.


We develop collaborations with professional connections to contribute to the economy.


We produce valuable content and work towards the overall development of the entire ecosystem.

Connect with Leaders

In Leaders Club, we bring together the top-level sales executives of our corporate members through physical and digital meetings, creating an environment for inter-leader communication and updates. Through Roundtable discussions, we share best practices and with inspiring interview series, we get to know our leaders up close.

Leaders Club Members

SN Leaders Club

Olgu Savas Ozden

Eczacibasi Consumer Products, Turkiye Sales Director

SN Leaders Club

Elif Elkin

LifeClub, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Banu Deniz Cetinkol

Hilti Turkiye, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Ege Ermec

Haribo, Director of Sales and Marketing

SN Leaders Club

Yigit Ozalpay

Pasentis, Business Development and Organization Group Manager

SN Leaders Club

Deniz Dikkaya

Divan Grubu, Sales Director

SN Leaders Club

Sirin Isik

Humm Organic, General Manager

Who Can Join?

The top-level executives representing sales at our corporate members can join Leaders Club.

  • The roles of Leaders Club representatives may vary based on company structures and can include CEOs, GMs, GMYs or Directors.
  • It is exclusively open to corporate members.
  • Only one person from each company can participate.

Join Our Community!

If you have any of the topics of diversity, youth, digitalization and sustainability in your agenda, we invite you to join us.

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