Our Women in Sales Network programme (WiSN) was launched in 2019 with the mission of creating awareness in companies and among women. It has been supported by the top national and international companies in Turkiye.

The WiSN Program Partnership signifies an awareness to make a transformative impact. Our mission is to make the change we bring in the sales function visible and measurable through the support of the companies we collaborate with.


Attain greater profitability with balance


See the contribution of a diverse climate to your business outcomes


Increase your productivity with an inclusive approach


Support competition for success by offering equal opportunities

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Women in Sales Network Program Partners

As part of our Women in Sales Network programme, we collaborate with partners to generate ideas and enhance the participation of women in the sales world, thus fostering the development of a qualified workforce pool.

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WiSN Program Partner Application Criteria

  • Being among the Corporate Members of the Sales Network.
  • Using the "Women in Sales Network" logo in job postings for sales functions or including the phrase "Women in Sales Network Program Partner" in the job description.
  • Providing internship opportunities for at least one female student in the sales function.
  • Offering added value in achieving gender balance in the sales function (This added value could encompass existing programs within the company or could involve a feasible new initiative. The crucial aspect is to specify a feasible action that can be undertaken.)

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If you have any of the topics of diversity, youth, digitalization and sustainability in your agenda, we invite you to join us.

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