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Begum Mutus

Yıldız Holding, General Manager of Public Relations & Ambassador of the Women's Platform

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Begum Mutus serves as the Director General of Public Relations at Yildiz Holding, the parent company of Ulker Group. She is also appointed as the Ambassador of the Yıldız Holding Women's Platform to lead initiatives promoting greater representation of women in the workforce, especially in top management and critical positions, and to advance efforts related to gender equality. In addition to her role at Yıldız Holding, she represents Yıldız Holding companies at the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations.

Since 2009, Begüm Mutuş has been overseeing all activities of the Sabri Ülker Food Research Institute Foundation, authorized by the Scientific Board. Since 2014, she has assumed the role of Director General of the Foundation, and as of 2022, she continues to serve as a Board Member.

Born in Adana, she completed her high school education at Özel Adana Fen Lisesi in 1994. She then pursued higher education at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, graduating with honors in Chemical Engineering in 1998. She further completed a master's degree in Communication and Media Studies at the Faculty of Communication at Eastern Mediterranean University.

Throughout a significant part of her professional career, Begum Mutus has been active in the food and beverage sector, undertaking various responsibilities in areas such as research and development, regulation, and corporate relations.

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