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Ahmet Gurkan Ergenekon

Ayakkabi Dunyasi, General Manager

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Gurkan Ergenekon graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering after completing Saint-Benoit French High School. He later pursued a master's degree in the same department. His professional journey began in 1993 as an R&D engineer at Alcatel-Teletaş. After working in Turkiye and Belgium, he shifted to sales and marketing in the information and communication technologies sector from 1995 onwards. During the liberalization process of the telecom sector in Turkiye, he held senior management positions at Sabancı Telekom and İsNet.

Joining Esas Holding in late 2007, he served as the CEO of Medline Health Group, overseeing all investments in the private healthcare sector from 2010 to 2015. Between 2015 and 2020, alongside working as a Director at Esas Private Equity, he also held a position on the Board of Directors for Medline Emergency Health and Medline Adana Hospital. Since April 2020, he has been serving as the CEO of Ayakkabi Dunyasi.

Beyond his professional life, Gürkan Ergenekon is a dedicated Fenerbahce fan, passionate animal lover, and avid collector. His greatest joys include vacationing with his family, traveling to different countries, and water skiing. With a 25-year involvement in various roles related to Fenerbahçe, both at the fan association and club levels, he has actively contributed to sports-related matters. Alongside his wife, son, and daughter, he is known for always carrying pet food in their family car trunk for furry friends. Additionally, his lifelong curiosity has led him to become a philatelist and numismatist, holding a membership in the PTT philately service since an early age.

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