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Born on August 25, 1977, in Bursa, Cagatay Guven graduated from Bursa Erkek Lisesi in 1995 and earned his degree in Business Administration from Dumlupınar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2001.
Following his education, Cagatay Guven began his career as a sales representative at Efes Pilsen in 2003.

Subsequently, he continued to work as a Sales Manager in different regions at Efes Pilsen. In 2010, he transitioned to Vodafone, where he held various roles, including Efficiency Manager, Commercial Marketing Manager, SOHO Channel Sales Manager, and SME Channel Sales Manager, until 2019. In October 2019, he co-founded DeepMetrica, a SaaS software venture aimed at measuring the behavior of website visitors, along with three business partners. He currently serves as a founding partner and General Manager. In addition, since July 2020, he has been managing both DeepMetrica and AnadoluNet, which provides end-to-end services to solution partners, as the General Manager.

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