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Ali Ertugrul Yemis

Kerevitaş, Sales and Commercial Marketing Director (Oil Business Unit)

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Ali Ertugrul Yemis, who graduated from the Department of Business Administration at Anadolu University, completed his master's degree at Istanbul Sehir University.

He began his professional career in 2004 as a Sales Manager at Tansaş Retail. Later, in 2007, he joined Yıldız Holding as a Sales Manager at Organized Trade Sales Coordination.

In 2008, he took part in the establishment of Pasifik A.Ş., a sales company serving Yıldız Holding's Modern Channel customers. Until 2020, he worked as Sales Manager, Sales Group Manager, and Sales Director, responsible for all product groups and customers, participating in many projects and achieving successful results.

In 2020, he joined Kerevitaş A.Ş., a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding, as Sales Director for the Frozen & Canned Foods business unit, where he established the modern channel structure.

In 2023, he was appointed Commercial Marketing and Sales Director responsible for all channels (Organized Retail, Traditional Channel, PL, EDT, Industrial) in the Oil Business Unit of Kerevitaş A.Ş. and concurrently established the modern channel structure.

He has been working as the Commercial Marketing and Sales Director at the same company.

Ali Ertuğrul is married with 2 children.

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