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Ergun Guler

Sales Network, Founder

WiSN Co-chairman
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Ergun Guler believes that his life mission is to bring people together, hence he has led the establishment of many platforms both online and offline since 1999. Most recently, he founded the Sales Network community in 2016.

Today, Sales Network serves a better world through various projects such as Leaders Club, Women in Sales Network, Youth in Sales Network, Sustainability in Sales Network, Mentorship Program, Best of Sales Awards, Leadership in Sales Awards, Best Team to Join, Contact Day, and Sales Network Summit.

Guler is a member of the Board of Directors for the "We Are with You" Association (Yanındayız Derneği) which operates in the field of gender equality and he serves as the Co-President of the Women in Sales Network, working towards achieving a balance between men and women in the sales world.

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Ergun Guler

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