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Bringing together professional members in managerial positions from every sector under the Sales Network umbrella, we are broadening their spheres of influence and providing development opportunities.

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SN Leaders Club

Ebru Timur

Kidzania, Istanbul General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Efe Basaran

DHL Express, Senior Director Sales

SN Leaders Club

Ege Ermec

Haribo, Director of Sales and Marketing

SN Leaders Club

Ege Pekkinran

Groupe SEB, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Elif Elkin

LifeClub, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Emre Ultav

SAS Türkiye, Deputy General Manager in Charge of Corporate Sales

SN Leaders Club

Erdil Dincer

, Sales and Marketing Director

SN Leaders Club

Ergun Guler

Sales Network, Founder

SN Leaders Club

Evren Diker

Shell & Turcas, Deputy General Manager of Retail Sales

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