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SN Leaders Club

Serdar Ersoy

DeFacto, Alternative Sales Channels and Business Development General Manager

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Other Members

SN Leaders Club

Bahadir Inanc

L'Oréal Professional Products Division, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Mert Birlik

Mars Turkiye, Country Manager

SN Leaders Club

Tufan Tekin

Vestel, International Regional Sales Manager

SN Leaders Club

Emre Ultav

SAS Türkiye, Deputy General Manager in Charge of Corporate Sales

SN Leaders Club

Sadem Pehlivan

eStar Global, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Zeki Armagan

Burda Bebek, General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Ahmet Turgut

Barry Callebaut, Turkiye General Manager

SN Leaders Club

Soydan Yildiz

Hero Baby, Country Manager

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